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Xhogun Middelsom Knabstrupper stallion

Xhogun Middelsom KNN174
2003 Homozygous Whiteborn/Fewspot stallion
Life Approved KNN
Height 16.2hh

Now standing at stud here

Xhogun is a rare purebred Danish Knabstrupper stallion. He was Premium graded and performance tested in 2007 by the Knabstrupperforeningen for Danmark (KNN) - the EU mother studbook for Knabstruppers. Xhogun had the highest scoring performance test in the UK in 2007 and was graded with a Premium 8 out of a possible 10.

Xhogun is a whiteborn or fewspot meaning he is homozygous for the spotted gene and he should always produce offspring with some form of spotted patterning.
Xhogun is a substantial stallion with good bone, deep girth and excellent straight paces. He is an eye-catching horse with a commanding stallion presence and good work ethic. Xhogun has the typical self confident, willing Knabstrupper temperament.

His sire Xanthos, the renowned graded leopard Knabstrupper stallion, competed successfully in dressage in Denmark. He has sired offspring that compete at international level in dressage including Zanko the multi gold medal winning Paralympic stallion. Xanthos has been awarded a silver medal for his offspring.

Xhogun's dam Molager Columbine is also a graded leopard spotted Knabstrupper and she was awarded a silver medal for her offspring. At her grading she received an amazing two nines for her movement. She has produced three graded stallion sons and her daughter was graded as best three year old mare, also winning the mare riding test as a four year old. Xhogun's full brother and sister have been exported to America and his other siblings are to be found all over Europe.

Xhogun Middelsom Knabstrupper stallion
Xhogun Middelsom Knabstrupper stallion

His first foal was born in 2007. She is a super purebred Knabstrupper filly and was awarded an 8 for type at the KNN foal show.
Xhogun is DNA tested and his parentage verified by DNA.

Mares who qualify under the Knabstrupper outcross list (e.g. Graded Trakehner, Warmblood or TBs) when bred to Xhogun maybe eligible to receive full mainbook Knabstrupper papers for their offspring.

Photos courtesy Hannah Paterson


Xhogun Middelsom Knabstrupper stallion
Xhogun Middelsom with test rider
Xhogun Middelsom
KNN 174
b. 06.05.2003
KNN 112
Don Ibrahim
KNN 92
Rasmus af Damgaard
KNN 67
Lillemor FOR 23885
KNN 1486
Helplette Harlekin
(unrecognised Knab)
Halvplette Lotte K 1060
(unrecognised Knab)
Molager Columbine
KNN 1679
Harlekin Frydenlund
KNN 82
Cito Baekgard
KNN 73
DS 1124 DK DV
KNN 1205
KNN 47
KNN 1821
Xhogun Middelsom Knabstrupper stallion
Xhogun Middelsom Knabstrupper stallion
Xhogun's first foal
Xhogun's first foal
Spotted filly by Xhogun
Near leopard filly

Spotted colt by Xhogun
Colt sold to South Africa

Purebred Knabstrupper filly by Xhogun
Filly foal KNN Best in Show
Xhogun Middelsom Knabstrupper stallionXhogun Middelsom Knabstrupper stallionXhogun Middelsom Knabstrupper stallion
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